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Clinical Supervision...

Having established and run a university counselling service for over seven years, I have encountered many of the challenges of working in an organisation. I also have over thirteen years experience in private practice.

My current and past supervisees range from placement/trainee counsellors to senior therapists. I believe that supervision can look very different to each individual, and that it is my job to offer a unique, safe supervisory environment which can grow into a containing place for sharing. 

Supervision can also:

  • Offer exploration into integrating theory and models - putting learning into practice

  • Support previous training, whilst also delving into new psychological perspectives

  • Encourage personal reflections and attention to wellbeing/self-care

  • Help manage safeguarding issues and risk


Healthcare/Frontline Worker Supervision...

It is considered good practice for any healthcare or frontline worker (including those providing support in higher education institutions and schools) to have regular supervision in order to build resilience and develop coping strategies. 

Healthcare and frontline workers regularly come across complex issues when helping their service users, and supervision can offer a place to talk about difficult situations they encounter on a day-to-day basis. It also fundamentally gives room for the workers' own mental health and wellbeing; providing a confidential space for those working in challenging roles to explore any struggles in their careers and personal life. 

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